Whether you are looking to volunteer, make a donation, or become a partner, there is an opportunity for YOU. Every Day is a Miracle offers a myriad of services and resources, from nutritious food items to financial literacy classes. Your support will be very much appreciated.


In Kind Donations

We accept in-kind donations of any  sort, whether it’s space, computers, furniture, office equipment or administrative and financial support it will be appreciated. Your support matters.


Partnerships and Corporate

We are thankful for our supporters who have been continuously contributing and supporting over the years. Every contribution made has such a great impact on so many of our families. Many of them depend on the emergency food program to put food on their tables; and the ongoing classes and workshops that teaches adults and children about a better healthy lifestyle and society services. 

  • Corporate support

  • Food relief organization

  • Volunteers

  • Community at large

  • Schools
    Universities and colleges
    Community colleges
    Public and charter elementary, junior and High schools

  • Friends

  • Churches

  • Government 



Our volunteers play a very important role in the organization structure in the program activities. Our volunteer opportunities are ideal for college graduates that would like real industry experience, corporation looking for community engagement as well as for retired professionals.  A small percent of your time every week will make such a significant difference in the lives of those who continuously depend on our Programs. 



As you know, families who live in poverty and struggle with hunger are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving or the holiday season with their children and household with dignity. What is a joyous time of year for most is often a very stressful time of year for those who are less fortunate. To give back to our community, Every Day is a Miracle is hosting its annual “2017 Bronx Holiday Drive.” This year, we hope to increase the amount of food and toys distributed to food-insecure families in need during the Thanksgiving and holiday season with two events:


  • Thanksgiving Pantry Bag Distribution Goal: 700 healthy Thanksgiving pantry bags to food-insecure families, so they can prepare and share a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones at home

  • Holiday Toy/Gift Distribution Goals: 300 new toys to children, it is our goal to lessen the burden and stress of parents and/or guardians living in food-insecure homes to celebrate the holiday season with dignity and a smile on their face.

On behalf of Every Day is a Miracle, I cordially invite your Organization to join as a partner organization in helping to raise hunger awareness, address poverty in the South Bronx, and provide dignity for food-insecure families and their households during this Thanksgiving and holiday season. As a partner organization, your organization will be a member of the “2017 Bronx Holiday Drive” Coalition Committee, which is made up of local schools and community organizations in an effort to end hunger during the Thanksgiving and holiday season. The committee will meet before the holidays to coordinate the “2017 Bronx Holiday Drive” with school representatives and distribute donated items to Every Day is A Miracle. The committee will execute best communication or marketing campaign practices suitable to each school’s culture, design and distribution of materials.

From November - December, Coalition Committee Members will represent their school or organization and serve as a liaison to:

  • Plan, execute, and coordinate local events at their school or organization

    • Dates of local on-site Food and/or Toy Drives

    • Dates of donated drop-offs

    • For schools – student volunteer dates for food distribution to the community

  • Communicate all the logistics to the proper authorities at their school, if a local event is at a school

  • Update and inform the committee of any changes in event logistics

  • Engage with their staff and targeted fundraising audience to ensure a successful drive/campaign


For schools and organizations: Involves students from all academic levels to give back to the community by organizing Food and/or Toy Drives, raise hunger awareness, promote volunteerism, and receive recognition for the efforts.

For students: A community service experience where students can make a positive contribution to addressing hunger and poverty in the community and make a difference in people’s live, as well as obtain volunteer hours and letters of recommendations as needed (especially for high school students).

Volunteer Policies and Procedures

If students are chaperoned with an adult or a teacher, an application is not required. A list of all participating students must be provided on the school letterhead. For students 16 years of age, or older, who want to volunteer on their own – they must complete and submit an application signed by a parent and/or guardian and interviewed with a parent and/or guardian. All students, teachers, and staff must sign release forms. For more information, please contact us at 347-618-1162 or via email at info@edmnyc.org.